Oleksandr Poryadynskiy was born on the 4th of February 1998 in Chernihiv region, the village of Kucharka. And soon the family moved to the village of Hnidyntsi. Oleksandr grew up in the ordinary rural family with many children. Since childhood  he was very calm, restrained, modest and shy. Always helping parents and was their favorite, because he is  the youngest of five brothers. Currently Oleksandr lives in Kharkiv.

From 2004 till 2012 he studied at high school. There he started to reveal singing talent. His marvelous voice and singing talent noticed his godmother Lydia Ivanivna when he was singing at the sendoff of his brother Oleksiy to the army. Amazed by her godsons capabilities, she said that it was his calling and invited to sing at a local club. Thus Oleksandr began his first steps on the scene.

The first song experience future singer obtained singing in the ensemble "Rovesnyk". Then there were many regional and international song contests, where Oleksandr won awards and  participation in the contest "Karaoke on Maidan" in Pryluky.

In 2012 Oleksandr graduated 9 classes and entered Music and Philology faculty of Nijinsky  Regional Pedagogical lyceum. In lyceum he continues to sing, participates contests winning awards and honors.

Oleksandr Poryadynskiy announced himself as a performer for the first time at the sixth casting of the "X-factor" fourth season, which was released on the 5th of October 2013. Then he sang "Do not cry Daddy" by Ivan Ganzera, for which he received four 'yes' from judges and made the hall stand up, and some listeners could not hold back  the tears.

In the training camp he performed the song "Actress" by Valery Meladze and "No one writes to colonel" by Bi-2 band and passed to the next stage and fell into the category of "under 18" under the guidance of Irina Dubcova. In the third stage "Visiting judges" he sang the song "Start all once again" by Victor Korolev and was chosen to the best twelve participants.

All live performances he passed without drop out nominations and the "battles for life." The well-known music critic Sergei Sosedov called Oleksandr the "nugget from the crowd."

At night January the 5th  2014 through popular vote Oleksandr Poryadynskiy won the 4th season of "X-Factor". He was only 15 and he became the youngest winner in the history of the project.

Since childhood, Oleksandr loved sports and did judo. He participated in various tournaments and competitions and won prizes and awards.

Now Oleksandr is training  with fitness trainer at the gym and achieved incredible results - he lost almost 70 kg! He had serious health problems, but incredible willpower and purposefulness have helped him to achieve these results. Now, as no one else he believes that a healthy diet and going for sports can do wonders. He gladly shares his achievements with friends and fans.

Having successfully passed the  exams in 2016 Oleksandr entered Kharkiv State Academy of Culture  and is studying there  now.

Nowadays Oleksandr Poryadynskiy is the singer with the real X-factor completely focused on career and creative development. Since June 2015, Oleksandr performs with his solo concert program in cities of Ukraine. The singers creative arsenal consists of five authors’ songs that can be heard on the local radio. Despite the tight tour schedule, Oleksandr successfully works over new songs and prepares to release his first solo album.